SB 4 Approved By Assembly Appropriations Committee

The Assembly Appropriations Committee voted 12-5 Friday, August 30, to approve Senate Bill 4 (Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills), clearing the way for the full Assembly to vote on regulations for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), acidizing and other oilfield practices.

SB 4 would require permits for fracking, acidizing and other oil well stimulation practices. It would also require notification of neighbors, public disclosure of all chemicals used, groundwater and air quality monitoring, and an independent scientific study.

The study would evaluate potential risks such as groundwater and surface water contamination, greenhouse gas emissions, local air pollution, seismic impacts, and effects on wildlife, native plants and habitat.

Also on Friday, the Los Angeles City Council’s Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee approved a resolution  endorsing Senate Bill 4. The resolution will be considered by the City Council on Tuesday.

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