SoCalGas Issues, Then Lifts “Advisory”

Southern California Gas Co. on Dec. 18 issued a “SoCalGas Advisory,” asking customers to reduce use of natural gas to lower the risk of gas and electricity shortages during a cold snap. It lifted the advisory two days later.

“Working with our customers and suppliers, we were able to manage our system to deliver reliable heating and electricity to our region during this recent cold snap,” said a SoCalGas spokesperson.

SoCalGas said future advisories may be necessary during the winter season, because the shutdown of its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility has left the utility with less ability to respond quickly to sudden increases in demand.

The utility warned that while the advisory was in effect it might have to curtail service to noncore customers. In addition it urged residential customers to reduce their use of natural gas by lowering thermostats to 68 degrees, postponing the use of natural gas appliances, and washing clothes in cold water when possible.

The California Public Utilities Commission ordered the creation of the “SoCalGas Advisory” program to help address regulators’ concerns about regional energy reliability this winter due to the moratorium on injection operations at Aliso Canyon.

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